Why Hillary is Not the Devil

We are now down to the final agonizing and nail biting days. In less than 48 hours, we will know who the next president of the United States is going to be. But just as important, if not more so, is the fact that we will no longer be inundated with the nastiness, the accusations, and the social media hullabaloo that this election has been comprised of.

At least, we can hope that it ends there.

Like all of you, I’ve been pretty much disgusted by all of the mud-slinging surrounding this election. I have watched with embarrassment as two adults have acted not as adult-like as I would prefer for a potential world leader. Both have been caught telling untruths, and both have made comments about each other and their supporters that are downright crude and pathetic. Both have said things that tickle my ears, yet experience assures me that neither will be able to deliver everything they promise. Both have offended large groups of people with their thoughtless statements.

At this point, I just want it to stop.

I don’t expect that we will ever have a president or presidential candidate that the entire country can get behind. Our country continues to become more divided year by year as religion, ethics, and social issues push us all even further into our comfortable corners.

Yes, we want everyone to have individual rights and opinions. I would never suggest taking them away. But one of the consequences of the emphasis on the individual is damage to the collective. As our individual ideas become more polarized, we cannot help but drift further apart. We are no longer unified with common ideals, because our common ideals are becoming fewer and fewer.

I am conservative. Those who know me know this. Those who are acquaintances have probably guessed it. Conservative doesn’t mean that I always vote republican, but more times than not, that’s who gets my vote. I no longer talk about politics because I just can’t bear to step into the quandary that it places us in. So when those I keep company with start bashing either of the candidates, I try to stay neutral. I don’t want to get dragged in to this mess, regardless of which side the mess falls.

Look, Hillary Clinton is not the devil. And in all fairness, Donald Trump is not the anti-Christ. Both of these flawed human beings have ideas that appeal to me, and both of them have moral shortcomings that leave me appalled. But regardless of my feelings, one of them will be leading this country for the next four years.

This morning on the radio, I heard something profound. They were speaking of how Wednesday is going to be the most important day. The most important day is not the day our next president is elected, you see. The most important day is the next day, when we wake up and choose our attitude for the next four years.

As a Christian, I will pray for whoever gets the job. As a conservative, I will continue to hope for policies that line up with those beliefs. As a citizen, I will follow the laws of my country, even when I don’t agree with those who made them.

And as a human being, I will yearn for a return to civil discourse.